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I wanna be the guy worth fighting for

Not the one competing against the ones who hurt you.

I don’t love lightly. I’m as hopeless a romantic as they come. I’ll move mountains and jump through hoops just to make sure you’re okay. Just to make sure you’re smiling. Just to make sure you know that you have someone who cares for you deeply.

But only if you’ll let me.

I have too much love to give to not give it to someone who really deserves and appreciates it.

And damn it I’m going to find someone who does.

Passion vs. Financial Stability

I wrote this in response to a friend’s facebook post concerning feeling lost in his direction in life, his fear of wasting his time, of disappointing his loves ones and, more importantly, himself. I thought maybe others could also benefit from what I have to say, so I’m posting it here now. Hope it helps. Stay inspired out there ya’ll! 

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Romance Me

Honestly, I just wanna find something genuine and meaningful. No games. No tricks. No complications. No bullshit.

Something real, pure, and innocent. Filled with the excitement and bliss of getting to know someone knew.

The butterflies. The jitters. The nervousness. The undeniable feelings that develop. All of it. I wanna find that.